Landscape Manage,ment

Fully integrated landscape management programs

The quality results you get with Landscape Concepts Management come from our big-picture approach. Our department specialists work together to determine the most effective maintenance strategies.

Basic Landscape Management Services include:

  • Turf management & renovation keeps this dominant landscape feature healthy and lush, rivaling the fairways of famous golf courses.
  • Fertilization & weed control stimulates growth, maintains beds, and ensures a pristine appearance.
  • Tree & shrub pruning promotes new growth, healthier plants, and maintains a balanced environment.
  • Ground cover & perennial bed maintenance ensures a consistent appearance and effectively manages plant growth.

We also offer customized services that complement our basic landscape management program including, though not limited to:

Soil testing and amendments create optimum conditions for plant growth and have a positive, long-term impact on your landscape.

Core aeration and dethatching enhance your turf by making sure vital nutrients reach the turf’s root system.

Wildlife habitat management provides natural surroundings for animals such as birds and waterfowl while minimizing common nuisances.

Ecological restoration of native environments helps bring landscapes back to their original condition by re-establishing indigenous trees, plants, and flowers in conjunction with selectively removing invasive species.

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Landscape Concepts Management has earned a reputation as the Midwest’s premier landscape contractor. We offer everything your property needs to enhance curb appeal, promote occupancy, create distinction and increase value.

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